Why "Me Time" is Important to Your Success?

When was the last time you enjoyed spending time with yourself? When was the last time you enjoyed a movie, sat at a table for one or just pampered yourself with a nice bubble bath, candles, music and maybe a glass of wine?

Unfortunately many of us do not schedule regular "me time". Some women - especially women with children - may think it's selfish to spend time alone, some may not consider it necessary and don't schedule it as often as they should, and some never even considered "me time" an option. Well I'm here to tell you that "me time" is not only necessary but it should be part of every woman's weekly schedule. We as women bare a great deal of responsibilities - house, kids, husbands, careers, and family - and because we don't partake in "me time" we find ourselves under a great deal of stress, suffering from health issues, or growing old before our time.

There once was a time when I felt my need to spend time alone was weird and signified some social awkwardness that I needed to correct. However as I got older I realized "me time" was my way of recharging - much like a battery. Throughout the week I deal with the pressures of work, family issues, friends, the occasional date or two (which is exhausting and may be a topic of a separate blog), as well as the pressures of life (bills, taxes, errands etc). By the end of the week I'm mentally drained; sometimes I feel myself getting to the point where I don't want to deal with anything, all I want to do is curl up in the bed and let life pass me by.

Well we all know that this is not healthy and could be early signs of depression. So in order for me to decompress and recharge I schedule "me time" every weekend; activities may include ordering take out and watching a movie, eating lunch outside while reading a book, getting a massage, shopping or writing in one of my favorite spots. I used to spend hours in book stores or Blockbuster (when such places were more conveniently located).

I noticed that on weekends that I do not have my "me time" that I'm sluggish on Monday, counting down the hours until Friday. I'm also unproductive - my energy and tolerance levels are low while my stress level is through the roof - which doesn't make for a nice combination. Ladies do not let the pressures of life get the best of you...you deserve it and owe it to yourself to enjoy some "me time".

Coaching Moment: I challenge you to schedule "me time" at least once a week and share how just spending a few hours by yourself, doing things that you enjoy, has impacted your life. I ask that you commit to either journaling your thoughts and/or responding to this blog.