Lashana N. Williams, MBA is a respected corporate finance leader with more than 10 years of executive-level experience at one of the nation’s preeminent media conglomerates. She now leverages that experience to adeptly guide other business leaders through transitional phases in their career, helping them navigate the path to entrepreneurship or other significant career milestones. And it’s safe to say that, though clients may initially tap Lashana for her extensive business acumen, it’s her passion, warmth and authenticity that keep them coming back.

Throughout her career, Lashana has served as a mentor to numerous professionals at varying levels, provided business consulting to several budding entrepreneurs and created a formal mentor program for a Fortune 500 company. Having climbed the corporate ladder herself – juggling strategic decision-making, oversight of sizeable budgets, and complex performance analyses – Lashana has a firm grasp of what it takes to meet KPIs and achieve workplace success. But, more than that, she understands the need to be true to one’s own definition of success. 

Lashana is a certified career coach, MBTI® administrator and Strength Strategies coach. These various professional certifications enable her to gain deeper insight into both individual characteristics and team dynamics to foster an ethos of inclusion; providing tailored recommendations for performance improvement and leadership development. She is able to help her clients create a clear roadmap forward -- one that leverages their individual strengths, helps them overcome perceived challenges, and positions them for optimal professional and personal growth.

Lashana earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from SUNY Binghamton, going on to receive an MBA in Computer Information Systems from Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business. She also sat, and successfully passed, the notoriously challenging Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination.

In her spare time, Lashana enjoys traveling and writing. She is a published author and her recent book, The Paycheck to Purpose Workbook: Your Guide to Make Money Doing What You Love, focuses on helping high performing professionals reconcile their personal passions with workplace performance and profits.


Do you ever feel as though your team is clocking in and then checking out? Are you sensing a culture of conflict, rather than collaboration? Perhaps you feel that your most valuable talent is being underutilized, or that abrasive management is creating an attrition risk.

At Impact Business Institute, we believe that impact and influence begins with the individual. Combining tried-and-tested training methods with a focus on personal accountability and authenticity, we offer a non-judgmental outlet for employees at all levels to explore their unique experiences – then translate them into real results. This collaborative process enables us to develop areas of expertise and untapped potential, while addressing possible blind spots.

We also work with high-performing professionals who are contemplating pursuit of an entrepreneurship journey, helping them to first explore and develop their most valuable skill sets, hone their leadership abilities, and map out a clear path forward to both profit and personal fulfillment. 

By coaching the individual to align their actions and aspirations, Impact Business Institute fosters inspirational leadership, increased engagement, greater career satisfaction, enhanced productivity and more favorable workforce dynamics.