How To Track Your Progress?

I recently attended a leadership conference where I was asked "what do you have on your Done List". Immediately my mind went into over drive thinking about all of things I need to do; totally over-looking the things I have completed.

This concept of acknowledging or writing down my accomplishments was foreign to me. I was brainwashed into believing that the only way to be productive and accomplish your goals was to create and maintain a "To Do List". No one ever mentioned that in order for me not to be frustrated and stressed out that I also needed to maintain a "Done List".

The next day I started listing all of the things I’ve accomplished since the beginning of the year; however this was more difficult than I imagined; for with every accomplishment I immediately thought about four tasks I needed to put on my "To Do List". I must admit, this was truly a mind-shift for me and instead of the items just flowing from my mind onto my paper I found myself in an internal conversation that went something like this:

"what have you accomplished since the beginning of the year?, Oh I know...I've facilitated a roundtable discussion at a women's symposium…that reminds me I have to send correspondence to the women I met, I have to follow up with a couple of them with whom I had personal conversations, I have to view the footage from the event and I must improve on my content for next time", wow I have a lot to do".

This dialogue was similar after listing three more accomplishments until I finally had to tell that voice in my head “STOP…this is about my accomplishments. I’ve made great strides towards achieving my personal and professional goals and I need to celebrate this at this time, there is plenty of time for me to think about all of things I have to do so if you don't mind, please let me celebrate and I will talk to you a little later".

So to all of my superwomen and over achievers, how many of you have a "Done List"? If you do, great. But for all you who don’t I challenge you to start today. We must start celebrating our accomplishments because if we don't who will?       


Coaching Moment: Start a “Done List” either in your journal or on your computer. Take a few moments each day to jot down at least three things you’ve accomplished. Take notice to how you feel once starting and maintain this list and if during this time no one tells you this, here you go…YOU ROCK!!!