5 Things Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Do Differently

Are you currently working full time while pursuing your purpose driven business? If your answer is “YES”, congratulations, you are part of an elite group of Career-preneur. What makes this group elite isn’t its cool name - a hybrid of the words career (professional) and entrepreneur - but the way in which its members simultaneously learn and grow as employees and CEOs. One could say that Career-preneurs have the best of both worlds.  


Like most groups there are several benefits, in this case the benefits include having a “silent investor”, temporary security, free development/training etc. However, there are also many drawbacks that make being a Career-preneur challenging. These challenges range from limited time (working a job and a business) to remaining relevant at work and in the entrepreneurial space. But despite the challenges, being a Career-preneur is rewarding and can result in wealth and legacy building. Although rewarding, the rules for Career-preneurship are different and must be played strategically to achieve success.


If you’re a Career-preneur and ready to achieve your desired level of success below are 5 things you must do differently.


1. Strategically “Engage” on Social Media  

social media.jpg

Let’s face it, there’s not a shortage of content on social media. Some of which may make you laugh, cry, scream, or even throw your mobile device. No matter your reaction to the content you must be cautious in your posts/comments. Why? The answer is simple…you don’t know how your current/future employer or potential client may interpret your responses and form an inaccurate perception of your brand. I know you may be asking “why can’t I be my authentic self?” My answer, “you can be your authentic self”, but you want to refrain from sharing, liking or commenting on posts that could discredit your brand. One easy rule of thumb... stay away from posting anything that can be misconstrued as you not appreciating your job or topics that are highly controversial (unless that’s part of your brand). Next time you post, think twice.


2.    Allocate Your Time Wisely

As a Career-preneur, you may be required to carve out time on weekends to work on your business. Unfortunately, during the week, with the pressures of work, family and other personal obligations, you may not be able to devote a great deal of time on your business/project. Therefore, I suggest you maximize your time during the week (lunch breaks, early mornings or one or two hours before bed), schedule blocks of time on the weekends and make “me time” a priority.


3. Adjust Your Timeline

You must base your timeline on your lifestyle and professional goals. In the age of social media, it’s easy for you to catch a temporary case of “competition syndrome”. If it’s not cured in time, “competition syndrome” can cause lack of progress and productivity. Fortunately for you there’s an easy cure... First, stop comparing your journey to that of another. Your journey is unique and your path was designed just for. So, remember you are where you should be on your journey to success. Second, always remember why you’re pursuing your purpose business. Hold on to your “WHY” and allow it to propel you on your journey. If you allow the “comparison syndrome” to cripple you, you will not be able to achieve the goals to manifest your “WHY”. FYI, the only person you are in competition with is YOU!


timeline image.png

4. Plan Appropriately

There are many who suggest you should quit your job (now). I, however, strongly encourage you not to fall prey to this way of thinking. Your decision to quit your job should be accompanied with an exit strategy - a plan that includes financial goals (how much you need to save), family approval (your family must be involved in this decision in order for this to work), development needs (what more do you need to learn from your current employer), and a business strategy (target market, marketing, automation etc.).  Your transition plan should be so on point, that the day you decide to exit, you should be like, “Yeah, I got this and I’m ready to go.”


5.  Invest in Additional Training

If your job and business are polar opposites, you may need to invest (time or money) in additional training. Such training may come in the form of a business coach, certification programs, online courses, webinars etc. My question to you...if you don’t invest in yourself/your business who will?


Incorporating these things into your professional life doesn’t guarantee an easy journey, but it will bring you closer to your desired level of success. Now LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!