No company is the same, and that’s why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach to business coaching. Instead, we help you identify the product or program that best meets your needs – whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or multinational corporation that wishes to hone its leadership talent, we’re committed to helping you be your best and advance your professional goals. 


The ELEVATE mentor program launched in June 2014 as a direct response to concerns regarding increasing attrition and minimal advancement opportunities for the organization’s diverse talent pool. The program takes an introspective approach to development, providing participants with 10 monthly training sessions and access to one-on-one mentorship. Its curriculum is designed to enhance participants’ self-awareness and enhance leadership skills; it also helps participants become more attuned to the needs of the organization while developing a deeper understanding of how their strengths can best be leveraged therein.

Upon completion of the program employees are better equipped to navigate their careers and optimally positioned for growth opportunities; they also represent less of an attrition risk.

Since its inception the ELEVATE program has graduated 106 professionals – spanning varying levels of seniority – throughout the company. 23 or 22 percent of these individuals have subsequently experienced career progression, either via a promotion or a lateral move that they actively sought out, and we’ve seen an 80 percent company retention rate for our graduates over a four year period. Because of its continued success, ELEVATE is now considered one of the organization’s signature mentorship programs and is now offered to employees in three of its U.S. offices.

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Lashana’s commitment to ELEVATE and the employees who participate in this program firsthand over the past four years. She has created a program that serves as the prototype for other BRG-led leadership development programs at Turner. Her passion for creating relevant and impactful coursework for these mentees is unmatched. Each year, she works to make the program better by listening to the feedback of not only the participants but also the co-leads, mentors and BP@T board members. The root of her passion is to not only instill confidence and self-awareness in these mentees but to also help develop the next wave of leaders in this company.”
— Andrea Bibbs, Director Ad Sales Integration, Video Content Production


Paycheck to Purpose Workbook 

This workbook takes you on a coaching journey to help you uncover your purpose, unlock your passions and understand your profit potential. Each section helps you get a little closer to discovering your custom fit profession – whether it’s a corporate career track or owning your own business, we focus on helping you identify what’s best for you. After reading the material and completing the exercises you will be ready to go from paycheck to purpose, i.e. getting paid to do what you love.

  • Price: $19.99


This self-paced monthly membership program is designed for career professionals who think they may be ready to pursue entrepreneurship but are unsure where to start. If that sounds like you, IMPACT Pro can help you identify your calling, gain clarity on your purpose-driven business, determine the viability of your offering and prepare for the launch of your first product/service.

  • Price: $19.99 per month; content is accessible for as long as subscription remains active. 

  • Includes:

    • Resources, strategies and videos to help you ultimately launch your purpose-driven business.

    • 6 modules, which advance you through our proprietary process (PURPOSE, POSITION, PLAN, PRODUCT, PROCESS and PROFITS). This content will walk you through the steps needed to identify your true calling, conduct a SWOT analysis, differentiate yourself in the marketplace, formulate a robust business plan, execute your launch and enjoy sustained success. 

    • Access to an exclusive Facebook community that offers inspiration, support, and accountability.   


There is a growing body of research that illustrates the transformative role of peer learning, which allows entrepreneurs to transfer knowledge by sharing their wisdom and direct experiences with other business owners. Designed for the budding entrepreneur who doesn’t want to go it alone, this program offers access to a support network of equally motivated individuals. 

  • Price: $597 ($647 if paying in 3 monthly installments of $215.67) 

  • Duration: 1 year 

  • Includes everything offered in IMPACT Pro, and:

    • 6 in-person intensive workshop sessions whereby, working in small groups with 9 other carefully selected individuals, you’ll tackle your business challenges and engage in problem-solving activities.  After participating in this peer learning process, you’ll be equipped with robust strategies to help you move forward and overcome professional hurdles.

    • 6 virtual sessions for further accountability 

    • FREE copy of Paycheck to Purpose workbook


So you’ve decided to pursue your calling, and embark upon your entrepreneurship journey. It’s an exciting decision but can be fraught with complications and unforeseen distractions. We serve as your accountability partner, bringing clarity to your process and providing you with a clear roadmap to startup success. 

  • Price: $1,997 

  • Includes everything offered in IMPACT Pro, and:

    • 1-day strategy session (8 hours including lunch) to identify roadblocks/opportunities and determine next steps

    • 2 x one-on-one accountability sessions (45 minutes each)

    • FREE copy of Paycheck to Purpose workbook


Mentor Program

Research indicates that the introduction of formal mentorship programs can yield significant benefits for not just the mentee, but also the mentor and the broader organization. Successfully implemented mentorship programs have been linked to enhanced job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job performance, and career success. Commensurately, our mentorship program offers tried-and-tested personal and professional development techniques to help internal talent better navigate their careers, achieve fulfillment and become your greatest brand ambassador. 

  • Price: $10,000 - $15,000 (depending on the scope)

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Includes:

    • Exploratory sessions to determine key stakeholders, objectives and goals for the program

    • 2 x follow-up meetings following program launch  

    • Process development 

    • Content creation

    • Mentor/mentee selection process 

Access to proprietary metrics that measure the program’s efficacy

Leadership Program 

Today’s complex business landscape presents a myriad of challenges and opportunities; effective leaders must be able to respond to these with intelligence, strategy, and expertise. This program will help to develop your top talent’s strategic and critical thinking prowess, equipping them with the solutions they need to help make value-add decisions. 

  • Price: $20,000 

  • Duration: 1 year (includes time for a pilot program) 

  • This customized program, designed to meet the needs of the organization and its leaders, includes: 

    • Exploratory sessions with stakeholders to identify strengths and ‘blind spots’

    • Process development 

    • Content outline (may include third-party content) 

    • Analytics to measure and demonstrate the efficacy of the program 

Soft Skills Training

While an outsize emphasis has been placed on technical skills in recent years, the fact remains that transferable soft skills – e.g. problem-solving, resourcefulness, receptiveness to feedback, flexibility and creative thinking – are critical to an organization’s success. This training program will provide your employees with the requisite professional development tools to grow in their careers, while fostering meaningful and fulfilling workplace interactions.  

  • Price: $5,000 

  • Duration: 2-4 months, depending on the needs of the organization 

  • Includes:

    • An in-person strategy session to tailor and/or customize content 

    • Facilitation of training session(s)  

Comprehensive course materials